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Publication Date: 30th September 2020

Our Dave is the story of a very special cat who is in desperate need of a new home. Abandoned by his old owners and left to battle loneliness and loss in the cat shelter, will he ever find a loving family again?

Our Dave is a rhyming children's picture book written and illustrated by me, Emma Woodthorpe. This first edition print run was funded by supporters over on Kickstarter who helped fund the printing in 48 hours! In total, we over doubled our target!

  • Paperback: 32 pages

  • Publisher: Embers and Ink Publishing (30 September 2020)

  • Language: English

  • ISBN-13: 978-1-8380088-0-2

  • Age range - Independent readers: 5-7 years (Or any age being read to!)

  • Dimension: 203mm x 203mm x 3mm

  • Copyright Emma Woodthorpe

"This is a beautiful book with a beautiful message that utterly warmed our hearts. A must-read for cat loving families everywhere."
- The Sheffield Cats Shelter

Our Dave Sticker Set

Price £2 per set of 4

Cat Lovers UNITE! These cute cat stickers feature a black and white cat on a blue background and would be purrfect for any cat lover - like you!

And this isn't any old cat: this is Dave. He's the main character of my rhyming children's picture book: Our Dave (due for general release 30th September 2020).

But you didn't need to know that to enjoy these cutie-stickers in their own right!

The stickers are paper - which is great for the environment! So they would be purrfect to stick on anything that ISN'T going to get wet: like your laptop, tablet, or journal!

Each sticker is 3.7cm across the diameter (across the middle), and you get 4 stickers in your order!
Stickers are PAPER! Great for the environment, but do not get wet.

Please note that even thought the actual stickers can be recycled and composted, the retaining backing is made with siliconised paper, so cannot be recycled or composted.

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