Why I'm buying from Indie Business this Christmas!

We all know Covid-19 has hit us all hard where it hurts…yep in our wallets. Some of you reading this may be small business owners yourself, and you’ll know the devastation caused.

I’m in a lucky position in my illustration business, Embers and Ink because my partner is basically paying the rent and bills for the both of us. It’s not something I’m proud of. He’s been working as a care-worker throughout the pandemic, so despite the danger to his own health he has not had a shortage of work. Both a blessing and a curse.

And even with him paying my bills, I still went into my overdraft this week after preparing for Christmas by buying stock to sell as stocking fillers and gifts. And I hate going into my overdraft. It's a hard time for indie business out there.

Usually by now, I would have had a few physical markets under my belt – either having already done them or got them lined up.

Now I have to rely on online sales. And do you know how hard it is competing for attention against online powerhouses such as Amazon? VERY! I’m not gonna lie: trying to get any traction for my online store is HARD! I was going to invest in my own dot com and set up my own shop with the help of Shoppify, but at current sales levels I can’t even afford the £20 per month ‘online rent’ for that. But it’s a vicious cycle because I KNOW it would help!

So this year, I am appealing for you to NOT buy with Amazon, but instead with the hard-working indie-businesses (like me, but not exclusive to me!) who actually pay their taxes.

Jeff Bezoz (founder and CEO of Amazon) is the richest man in the world with a net worth of $175.3 billion dollars… that’s about $321 million a day, $13.4 million an hour, $222,884 a minute, and $3,715 a second this year. Check it out here

He doesn’t need any more of your money.

Come with me on my pledge to buy from indies this year!

I know that Covid will have made you strapped for cash too, but even if you buy 2-3 of your gifts from indie businesses like mine, you would be making a massive difference to the maker, and also you’ll be getting something truely unique for your friends and family too! And many indie makers are going the extra mile by writing your messages in christmas cards and sending them on, gift wrapping, and note-writing.

All to keep the lights on!

These are the festive online markets that I’m taking part in this year. I’d love you to be there with me, becasue these will be the first online markets I’ve ever done! 

Each market has a theme, will be on facebook and instagram,  and will be chock full of indie makers with special festive offers and incentives to help you get the best and most unique and thoughtful gifts foryour family and friends.

Among other cheeky offers, I’ll be putting in free gifts for the first 6 sales from each market. There will be other offers too, so keep your eyes peeled. All offers will be continued for 72 hours for my newsletter subscribers! Sign up here!

I’ll post up the facebook links as and when I get them.

Seriously, your support means everything. If you are thinking about helping about any buying from me, don’t be fooled by the thought that ‘It’s only £2, that won’t help’…

…Mate…I’m not able to pay my bills at all right now. Of course it will help!

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