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New planet-friendly packaging!

Embers and Ink is now sending your copies of Our Dave in glassine paper packaging, instead of tissue paper when you buy at .

This is because Glassine is a paper product that can be recycled as well as composted. Previously, we were wrapping your books in tissue paper as a plastic-free alternative to cellophane wrappers. But did you know that tissue paper cannot be recycled?! We knew that even though it wasn't plastic, that there was a better solution out there.

And now we've found it after extensive research!

Glassine is a paper product and offers much more protection that tissue paper from the elements. While not being water-proof, it is much more water resistant than tissue paper. And it can be recycled too. What's not to like?!

An image is shown of the front cover of Our Dave. It shows an illustration of a black and white cat sitting on a red-brick wall next to a toy mouse. It is looking up at the title that says 'Our Dave: written and illustrated by Emma Woodthorpe'.

Our Dave is a rhyming children's picture book all about a very special cat who is abandoned by his old owners and is in the cat shelter looking for his forever home. It is a real-life story based on my own cat Dave!

Get your own copy at today.


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