Introducing MOLLY!

Calling all fans of Our Dave: I'm excited to announce that I have started illustrating my next children's book! This here is an initial illustration I've got of the main character MOLLY!

Because I'm in in the beginning stages of illustrating this book, I thought it would be fun to share my journey over on my Patreon page. I'll be sharing this with my Sketchbook Tour tier (and all higher tiers) and the reason for this is becasue I usually share my monthly sketchbook images with them. Because I'm not going to have the time to sketchbook while I'm in the process of creating the book, it is only fair that they get the extra content of the children's book development.

I'd LOVE for you to join us over there! To get started head to and choose to join the Sketchbook Tour tier! You can change tiers or cancel your membership at any time. And you can even follow for free if you like, by clicking the 'follow' button underneath all the tier options.

See you there!

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