Help The Sheffield Cats Shelter CREATE THEIR MASCOT

Good job I spent all that time drawing cats ready for my upcoming children's book Our Dave, because I am happily helping The Sheffield Cats Shelter in their 'Create a Mascot' campaign, where I will transform YOUR mascot ideas into a series of illustrations for them to use on their new website. Yes, you heard me right: YOUR mascot!

The Sheffield Cat's Shelter are running a competition that is open to the public, asking for designs and submissions for a new mascot. Once shortlisted, the winner will be chosen by the public and their design will be transformed by me into a series of illustrations for The Sheffield Cats Shelter website, and ALSO will get a family portrait from the highly talented Hayley Gell Photography (limited to South Yorkshire).

The deadline for entries is Wednesday, 10th June 2020 at midnight, so click this link to find out how to enter:


The Sheffield Cat's Shelter have been helping the unwanted and unloved cats of Sheffield find their forever homes for 123 years.

They helped me find Dave, who is now the subject of a rhyming children's picture book that will be pubished in the 30th September 2020.

You can get an early release if you take part in the Kickstarter campaign that is funding the first print run. Check it out here before 25th June 2020:

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