Entertaining children during Covid-19

Three ways to entertain children during lockdown.

Entertaining children can be difficult enough at the best of times, let along when the country is in lock down! However there are some things you can do to keep those little ones entertained and their mind off the coronavirus.

1. Build a den

You don't need a big house or garden to build an amazing den (but it would be nice wouldn't it!). Get some bedsheets, or old towels and peg them up to the edge of a bookshelf, get some cushions inside it, maybe even raid the christmas decoration box for some fairy lights too. Kids love a secret hideout and chilling in a den. It will also be a good way of giving them a bit of time to themselves - even if it is in the corner of the living room!

2. Games night!

A weekly games night is a lovely way to break up the monotony of lockdown, and get togther to have fun as a family or household. You could get some games consoles out and hook them up to the TV, but I think it's much more enjoyable to get a hands on board game out, and sit around together. Snakes and ladders, guess who, monopoly... alot of us have these hanging around at the back of the cupboard. But if you don't, why not try making a game to play together? Snales and ladders is easy enough to knock up, with a quick internet search on how it's supposed to look. Or why not go old school with a game of hangman, noughts and crosses or a round of animal, vegetable or mineral? Charades is also a good one to do, or if you are more arty, get on the pictionary!

3. Get creative

Dust off those crayons and paints and get creative! In the UK at least, children have been painting rainbows to put in their windows to cheer people up, and to provide interest when you're on a walk: how many can you count?! Why not get on board? Or get the colouring books out. Many freelance artist are also creating free colouring page downloads, so a quick search on Instagram and Facebook can pull up some good finds.

I've made a free downloadable PDF, that you can print out and colour in. Get it here It features a page detail for my upcoming children's rhyming picture book, that I'll be running an exciting kickstarter for soon. Sign up to my newsletter here to be kept in the loop with offers, news, giveaways and updates.

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