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About me

Emma Woodthorpe
Author and Illustrator

Hello my fellow bookworms!

My name is Emma and I write and illustrate children's books - and I love it!

I've always wanted to write books, all the way back since I was a fresh-faced teenager. Back then, I didn't know that it would be children's picture books though. Back then I used to spend hours filling notebooks with poetry and short stories.

I eventually followed a literary education and achieved a First Class BA (Hons) in English Literature and an MA in Literature Studies from the wonderful York St John University. I have a lot to thank them for, particularly my personal tutor Roger Clark who always encouraged my thoughts and ideas and always brought out my very best.

It was only in recent years ('recent' to me - as I'm talking about post-2013!) that I started picking up a pencil again to revive my forgotten passion of drawing and illustrating.

It was a long road, but I eventually set up my own indie-business. It's called Embers and Ink and it sells art, illustrations and products such as cards, stationery and pin badges with my illustrations on them.

In 2014 we adopted a beautiful cat called Dave from The Sheffield Cats Shelter and from that moment I knew that he deserved to be famous - he was such a dude! It took until 2020 before I actually sat down seriously and put pen to paper to create my first children's book, Our Dave, which is based on the real life story of our own boy.

Sadly, Dave passed away in September 2021, but thankfully he had some time alive where children all around the world knew his name.

Since then I've been developing ideas for other children's books. I use my Patreon page as a place where anyone can pitch in to help make the books a reality and in return get exclusive content about my children's book progress as it happens. I also share tips and information to anyone who is on the self-publishing journey too.



Support the process and get exclusive content

Join the other bookworms over on my Patreon who are  directly helping to make my children's books a reality and getting exclusive as-it-happens content about the books in production!

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